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How America’s Money Makes The World Go Around

In 2018, I was chosen as the winner of an essay writing competition within Deloitte’s State Department account for a piece on the difficulty to re-enforce sanctions on Iran following the Trump administration’s exit from the nuclear deal. I was asked to give a talk on my essay at a quarterly leadership meeting among the senior Deloitte partners and managing directors at the State Department.

Following the talk, I was recommended and selected to a national presentation forum at Deloitte to give this talk to a wider audience spanning the government and commercial practices given the salience of the issues across industries that Deloitte supports.

This talk, given in October of 2018 at the Atlanta office, gives a historical perspective into how the U.S. emerged to become the world’s most dominant economy, and how it uses economic instruments like sanctions to compete with and influence the behavior of other countries.

The talk connects the dots across numerous current events spanning from the trade conflict with China, sanctions on Iran, the novel development of cryptocurrencies and explains the role of the U.S. dollar in America’s strategic alliances and the functioning of the global trade system.

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